Visioning Sustainable Food Systems in BC

Posted on Saturday, 6 August 2022 under Stories

What would thriving and sustainable food systems in BC look like?

This is an invitation. An invitation to start imagining and sharing stories of hope and transformation. We want to create the space for people across BC to share their vision of sustainable food systems in our province.

Imagine: Food sovereignty is a reality for communities around the province; there are more farmers growing food locally; farmers are making a good living; food production is building soil health, increasing biodiversity, and providing other ecosystem services; equity and inclusion are at the forefront of our food systems from seed to plate; agricultural emissions have been drastically reduced; food is produced and sold with accountability and transparency; and communities connect directly with those who grow, raise, and catch their food.

What differences would thriving and sustainable food systems make? How would they change the food security of our communities, the climate impact of our agriculture, the resilience of our province, the robustness of our local economies, the protection of our soil health, and the way we live and eat?

Telling new and better stories is an integral part of the process of working towards better futures. Imagining alternatives to our current food systems is the beginning of creating change.

Let’s spend time dreaming, imagining what could be. We want to offer an opportunity to spend time focusing on alternatives and new paths – the small-scale solutions that lead to real change.

All of us engage in food systems every day through the food choices we make. We want to gather diverse visions, from farmers and academics, and also from eaters.

At the Metro Vancouver Feast of Fields, join us to collectively engage in a process of envisioning sustainable and thriving food systems in BC. At the event, we will be premiering several short films that share visions from farmers who are deeply rooted in local food and farming.

You can also share your thoughts, dreams, and visions online.  Visit the link below to share what you can imagine. We are not asking you to share an expert opinion or a well-researched thesis. We want to hear your thoughts, visions, and dreams, even if they are not fully developed yet.

Over the coming month, we will be sharing more information about this visioning exercise. We will be sharing visions from local farmers and offering further opportunities for all of you to share your thoughts, perspectives, and dreams.

This initiative is partially funded by Metro Vancouver and Vancity.

Share Your Vision

In these videos, Hannah Lewis, Melad Charkhabi, and Charlene Seward share their visions for sustainable food systems in British Columbia.