No-Till Farming – Field Day at Local Harvest Farm

Posted on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 under Webinars and Field Days

Reducing tillage and adding organic matter back into the soil helps create positive, symbiotic relationships with the life beneath the ground. This benefits the fruits and vegetables planted in the soil, leading to nutrient-dense food.
This field day in no-till farming focuses on field preparation, planting, weed control, overwintering, and troubleshooting a no-till operation. Guest speaker, Dan Oostenbrink, has several years of experience in reduced tillage and walks us through their farming operation. This field day is part of our Climate Solutions Program, supporting farmers and ranchers in climate change mitigation strategies.
About Local Harvest Farm
Local Harvest is a family-run farm with established perennial garden beds and greenhouses, growing nutritious food all year round. Dan and Helen started local harvest in 2013, adopting no-till practice almost immediately and continuing this way of farming over the last eight years on 20+ acres. They grow a selection of vegetables, herbs, fruits and legumes using natural growing methods.
About Dan Oostenbrink
Dan started his farming journey on Fairfield Island with a large garden and a flock of birds, providing fresh food for their neighbours. When land became available in Chilliwack, he left his full-time teaching position and he and Helen started Local Harvest Farm and Market. Dan also runs a no-till gardening course where home gardeners can learn about the essentials of composting, planting, and winter gardening.