Climate and Food Story Series: The Value of a Slow Diet

Posted on Thursday, 10 March 2022 under Engaging Eaters Videos

Our food choices impact our health, our community, and our environment. Supporting slow food reduces food miles and strengthens local communities. In this video, members of the local food movement on Vancouver Island encourage, inspire, and give actionable advice for how we can be more engaged.

Food choices have rippling effects, and as eaters, we all have a role to play in building resilient communities and creating a more sustainable future. We can take climate action through our food choices, creating change and supporting climate solutions with every meal. One food choice can positively impact a business owner, a farmer, a family member or friend, ourselves, and our climate.

Brooke Fade is the Slow Food Vancouver Island and Gulf Island convivium leader and co-owner of Wild Mountain Food and Drink, a slow food restaurant serving local food in Sooke, BC.

Amber Rowse-Robinson owns Brass Bell Farm and has been raising livestock for twelve years. Their family lives on 25 acres of leased land and shares another 100 acres of grazing land with another farmer. They adopt a slow-meat model and raise their animals to benefit the land and community.

Heather Ramsay from Umi Nami Farm fosters the growth of a huge community of local food eaters at the farm in Victoria. They provide Wild Mountain with produce for their menu and feed the people of their community.

Oliver Kienast is the co-owner and chef at Wild Mountain Food and Drink. He focuses on creating dishes that are in sync with the seasons and the land.

This video was made possible thanks to the Sfaira Foundation, Vancity, Clif Family Foundation, and Real Estate Foundation of BC.