Citizen Seed Trial Wrap-Up

Posted on Wednesday, 8 December 2021 under Citizen Seed Trial

Our 2021 Citizen Seed Trial was a great success! We had 378 participants growing 849 trials. That is an increase of 600 more trials compared to the 2020 growing season!

Our engagement has never been higher, the CST Facebook group has served as a hub for sharing knowledge, successes, failures, and asking questions. With nearly double the members in our Facebook group from last year, there is always a quick answer to any question. We are beyond pleased to be forming a supportive community around seed trials.

Our CST trial data revealed loads of great information about these crops. Some key points we learned is that Stupice yield earlier than Alpharora, Slocan peas are more vigorous than Beauregard Snow peas, and our beet breeding populations are still too similar to distinguish a difference. If you’re interested in learning more about 2021 CST results, watch the Final CST Webinar.

In 2022, our test varieties will be cherry tomatoes, green beans, and carrots. Register here.

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