2021 Mobile Seed Cleaner Tour Update

Posted on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 under Stories

We are delighted to announce that our 2021 Mobile Seed Cleaner Tour dates have been set. This year we will be visiting the Interior and Vancouver Island, take a look at our infographic to find chances to connect.

Join us at one of our Seed Saving/Cleaning Workshops to learn how to thresh, screen, and winnow! This is a great opportunity for backyard growers and community seed organizers to have an opportunity to clean their seeds, facilitate seed saving collaborations, and ask questions about seed saving.

There is currently a gap in the availability of BC-grown vegetable seeds and growing demand for them, making seed production an excellent farm diversification opportunity. Furthermore, for farmers in remote locations who lack enough local markets for perishable food sales, seeds can be stored and sold over a couple of years and shipped easily. If you are a farmer interested in incorporating or expanding into seed production, we would love to hear from you. Check out our tour dates to see if there’s somewhere along the tour you could come to meet with us.

The Mobile Seed Cleaner fleet is growing this year, with an additional three trailers being built at the moment. We are pleased to be introducing some new equipment to our trailers including a winnow wizard and an office clipper. Learn more about the existing equipment here. After the 2021 Mobile Seed Cleaner Tour, new trailers will be stationed in Southern Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, and Kamloops for easier accessibility in these regions.

Contact David Catzel at bcseeds@farmfolkcityfolk.ca regarding the Interior Tour and Siri van Gruen at mvseedcoordinator@farmfolkcityfolk.ca regarding the Island Tour.