FarmFolk CityFolk’s Brand Journey

Posted on Thursday, 29 April 2021 under Stories

farmfolk cityfolk logo design

FarmFolk CityFolk’s new logo.

Whether you have been following our journey from the beginning or have just found us, we want to give you an insight into our new branding.

At FarmFolk CityFolk our current programs go from seed to plate—engaging a network of farmers, seed growers, researchers, food system advocates, policymakers, community partners, chefs, and eaters. Together, we are creating food systems in BC that are strong, sustainable, and resilient. Our programs celebrate local food and connect people with the farmers who grow it. We encourage BC farmers to use local seed and grow food in ways that mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.

Where we’ve come from

Our original logo has served us well since 1993. We have been ready for a change for a couple of reasons. One, it was time to get out of the box. A square logo is very hard to work within modern social media and design. We also feel this ‘out of the box’ approach better reflects our values of courage, collaboration, and joy. Two, our work is not black and white, and nor are we. The work we do is nuanced and grounded in the community and the earth, and we wanted the colours to better reflect that.

The Forks

The interconnected qualities of the ‘Forks’ represent the duality of our audience: eaters and producers. They remain recognizable and memorable in addition to being a clean, bold, and versatile symbol. We have ‘raised’ the forks in an act to empower and inspire others to support sustainable food systems where people and planet thrive.