Crown Prince Squash & Aged Cheddar

Posted on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 under Engaging Eaters Recipes

plate with food on it

Photo courtesy of Derek Gray

Recipe by Chef Derek Gray, Row Fourteen

A playful bite of fall/winter seasonal vegetables; a reminder that spring is just around the corner.


1 Small Crown Prince Squash

Cheese foam:

75g Clothbound Aged Cheddar Cheese (grated)

1 Egg Yolk

1 Whole Egg

400g Whipping Cream

Kale pesto:

1 Bunch Winter Kale (stems removed)

90g Pumpkin Seeds – toasted (reserve some to put on top of the dish)

2 Cloves Garlic (roasted)

150g Cold-Pressed Virgin Canola Oil


Cut squash into 1-inch half-moons, season with salt and pepper, and coat in canola oil. Roast on a sheet tray in a 200° celsius oven for 15 to 20 minutes until soft and caramelized. Flip halfway through to ensure even colouring.

To make cheese foam, first, place whip cream into a small pot and reduce by one third. Cool to room temperature. Next, put all ingredients into a blender and blend for 5 minutes until smooth. Strain the sauce through a fine-mesh strainer to smooth it out. Ensure that the mixture is nice and warm for plating, or can be placed in an Iso canister with two charges.

For the kale pesto, wash the kale and remove the stems. Blanch the leaves in boiling seasoned water, remove, and place in ice water. Squeeze the kale and roughly chop it. Place kale and remaining ingredients into a blender and blitz till a rough consistency.