Seed to Food update: Radicchio, watermelon, squash and more!

Posted on Thursday, 5 November 2020 under Stories

As the daily sunlight dwindles, so does the abundance of produce at our Seed Farm. The last of the tomatoes and cucumbers are gone and what is left is reserved for seed. Our drying room is filled to the brim with seeds being processed and dried. We are fortunate to grow many late-season crops that we are donating to the Food Stash Foundation. Our more recent harvests have consisted of cabbage, green onions, kale, collards, and radicchio. In total, we have donated approximately 1400 lbs of produce.

Our first-generation acorn x delicata squash cross found a home at the Union Gospel Mission in New Westminster. Mike Miller, head chef of the program, joined us for an afternoon of chopping squash and scooping out seeds. Mike turned the de-seeded squash into a side dish for one of his daily meals that feed around 100 people. Above all, Mike was happy to make the community connection with us. His dedication to building and feeding the community is admirable and one that we hope to emulate.

man standing in front of large fridges with seeds

Seed saving as part of our Seed to Food program.

We have been impressed with the abundance and diversity of watermelon growing at our Seed Farm. Everyone involved with the farm has taken home watermelon to their families with the spittoon in hand for the seeds. Each cut into the CST 22 watermelon mix is a delightful surprise as the flesh is a range of dazzling colours of white to dark pink. We have been careful to take pictures of the cut open watermelon so that next year when we plant the seeds we can observe any genetic variation. To make use of all the watermelon, try pickled watermelon rinds. Below are a couple of different recipes you can try.

Seed to Food is funded through the United Way Emergency Community Support Fund by the Government of Canada. Learn more about the program on our website.


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