Lohbrunner Farm: Bounty and Abundance

Posted on Tuesday, 11 August 2020 under Stories

bundles of carrots

Photo courtesy of Lohbrunner Community Farm

August is here and the fields at Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-op are pumping it out. From carrots, beets, and cucumbers, to the first potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and beans, abundance is the name of the game. Lohbrunner’s market farmers are spending their days harvesting, washing, packing and selling produce. Luckily the work of transplanting, seeding and weeding has waned somewhat. Just when farmers need more time for harvesting, they get it – though never, it seems, quite enough.

In addition to bountiful vegetable fields, the cut flower garden is also beautiful and bountiful. Called Birdsong Garden Farm, this new addition to the Co-op is led completely by Joan, one of the founding co-op members. Joan does it all – from planning, seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, to arranging her simply gorgeous bouquets.

Joan donates her time and products to support the Co-op’s fundraising efforts. The Co-op raises funds through public education events, volunteer contributions, on-farm dinners, and sales of products to pay down the mortgage on the property and fully secure the farm for future generations.

We are currently actively seeking volunteers to assist Joan in this venture. If you are interested, please email lohbrunnercommunityfarm@gmail.com.