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Posted on Monday, 27 April 2020 under Community Supported Agriculture

Photo by Michelle Li

Since 2005 the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) page on our website is our most popular resource.

CSAs, or box programs, connect local farmers directly to customers and foster responsible relationships between farmers, eaters, and the land where the food is grown.

For farmers, receiving subscription fees at the beginning of the season provides much-needed start-up funds. Knowing that they have customers in advance helps farmers with many aspects of planning. For CSA customers, they couldn’t get anything fresher than products harvested, prepared and packaged directly from the farm, usually within 24 hours. CSAs offer a unique opportunity to truly connect to local, seasonal food.

One customer was so pleased with her CSA she just had to write to us.

“Our family purchases a CSA share every year to support small-scale farmers in our community. It is through this CSA that our family is able to learn about the seasonality of different locally-grown foods and taste the freshest and most vibrant veggies that aren’t always available in stores. My children now know the difference in flavour and get really excited when the first CSA of the season arrives. Last year one of them said, “Now the good food has finally arrived!” They will eat raw, tender and sweet broccoli from our box and be amazed that it doesn’t taste like grocery store broccoli. The CSA is a great way to connect our children to the importance of farmland preservation and food security. I have such respect for our farmers and the community that supports them. Last year Sweet Digz held a celebration to honour their local food supporters and I made the cake! We love them so much and are so glad to be part of their community of support.”

Photo by Michelle Li

There are many different kinds of CSAs. We have listings for veggie boxes, meat programs, grain CSAs, community shared fisheries, and even fresh-cut flowers. Some CSAs have more flexibility than others. Some share whatever is fresh on the farm that week and some are more like online shopping. Many offer partial shares which may be beneficial if you are cooking for one. Look around for one that suits your needs.

FarmFolk CityFolk’s service is free to both farmers and customers and is part of our long-term commitment to support a local and sustainable food system.