BC Seeds: Sign-up for Citizen Seed Trials

Posted on Tuesday, 3 March 2020 under Citizen Seed Trial

Join us for our fourth year of the Citizen Seed Trial!

The Citizen Seed Trial is a complement to the BC Seed Trials, a collaboration between FFCF and the University of British Columbia, that is working with farmers to identify the best performing varieties of important vegetable and seed crops.

We’ve adapted the seed trials for community participation with the aim of bringing growers of all scales into the seed conversation. This is a seed trial that can be done in a small space, with a low time commitment. It is ideal for beginner seed savers and backyard (or balcony) gardeners.

For the 2020 Citizen Seed Trial the focus is on diverse breeding populations. While the seed sources have not yet been confirmed, we are planning for a unique trial that will consist of three crops: tomatoes, watermelon, and kale. A large focus of the education component this year will be engaging participants in learning about the importance of the selection process, how to select, when to select, and what to select for.

Participating in the 2020 Citizen Seed Trial is a great way to learn more about seed growing, indulge your inner scientist, and be a part of the growing BC seed community!