Lobrunner Farm: Certification

Posted on Saturday, 1 June 2019 under Community Farms

row of plants on a farm

Photo courtesy of Lohbrunner Community Farm

The season is in full swing here at Lohbrunner, with the farmers at Sweet Acres and Vitality Farm, as well as the Homesteaders getting various crops in the ground – the bounty is on its way!

Lohbrunner Farm is also undertaking the process of applying for organic certification this year, and our inspections took place this week. One of the main financial supporters of Lohbrunner, back when the property was transferred from The Land Conservancy to Farm Folk City Folk, is a strong believer in certified organic farming, and so the Co-op made a commitment to undergoing the process. Each farming entity – the Homesteaders, Vitality Farm, and Sweet Acres Farm – have now applied, ensuring the whole farm meets organic standards.

After the many hours of work this winter and spring that went into the applications – think documenting seed sources, soil amendments, crop rotations, and more – it was nice to have the inspector on the ground giving us positive feedback along with some helpful suggestions for how to move forward. We now begin our “transition year” before getting to be officially certified through the Islands Organic Producers Association come next spring when we get our next annual inspection and are proud we are on the path to certified organic!