Lohbrunner Farm: Planting

Posted on Wednesday, 1 May 2019 under Stories

Photo courtesy of Lohbrunner Community Farm

This time of year there is a lot about planting and seeding for the season to come. Vitality Farm, Sweet Acres Farm, and the Homesteaders are all busy starting their seeds in cozy grow rooms and seedling greenhouses, where the delicate plant babies are kept protected against the elements under lights and under plastic and row cover.

This process, of starting seeds in trays and then transplanting them out in the field allows farmers in northern climates such as Canada to get a jump start on the cool weather (essential for crops such as onions, winter squash, tomatoes, peppers, and more), as well as allowing us to get a jump start on weeds in the fields.

Following germination in these protected environments, the seedlings are then planted out into prepared beds in the field – this kicks into high gear in May, and continues throughout the season all the way into August.

In addition to all this seedling business, our co-op members have been busy working in the berry patches, weeding, applying organic fertilizer, and mulching with wood chips, all to ensure a bountiful harvest for 2019!