Lohbrunner Farm: Changes

Posted on Monday, 1 April 2019 under Stories

wooden shed on a farm

Photo courtesy of Lohbrunner Community Farm

There are big changes on the ground this month at Lohbrunner Community Farm – this time to the outbuildings on the farm. Firstly, the two resident farm businesses who operate at Lohbrunner – Vitality Farm and Sweet Acres Farm – are building a permanent washing/packing station.

This will allow for more efficient (and pleasant) post-harvest handling of farm produce, and since that takes up a large portion of time in a market farming operation, this will be a huge leap in efficiency for our farmers. And more efficient farmers mean more food gets grown, weeded, harvested, and sold to our community, increasing the food security of Victoria’s Westshore. In order to construct this wash station in the best location, an old and rotten seedling greenhouse was taken down in a spring work party which was great for building community spirit.

Our resident farmers are also building a new walk-in cooler and permanent greenhouse, and have constructed a brand new storage shed for seed, fertilizer, and tool storage.

And last, but definitely not least, we are thrilled to have welcomed several new members to our co-op in recent months, all of whom have already come out on multiple occasions to volunteer their time and energy to farm projects. So welcome to Chris, Landon, Ise, David, Jess, and Willow. We are so excited that you are a part of our growing co-op!