Carrots Harvested!

Posted on Thursday, 26 October 2017 under Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement

The carrot trial has been harvested and evaluated! We grew 17 cultivars of carrots, which were all open pollinated, Nantes style and classed as over-wintering. Except for 2 hybrid cultivars that served as checks in which to compare other carrots to. In the harvest evaluation we recorded bolting plants, foliar height, disease presence (such as blight, powdery mildew, cavity spot and carrot rust fly) weights, carrot counts, shape, colour and root smoothness. The carrots will now be evaluated for taste and then after 6 weeks in storage. The analysis of these data will show common characteristics of the carrot seed varieties and sources. We are particularly interested in identifying which seed produces a really nice Nantes style carrot that is relatively disease resistant, has good yield and holds up in storage well. Furthermore, identifying carrot seed that is locally grown and adapted.