Field Day Beets – Golden Rhythm in Saanich

Posted on Wednesday, 9 August 2017 under Farmer Field Days

On Wednesday July 26th Chris and Carla made a day trip to Saanich from Vancouver to host a Field Day for the Beet Harvest Evaluation at Square Root Farm! We had a good turn out of 10 people at the event. Below is a picture of our field day set up. We believe it is important to create a presence in the field to provide a good experience for the participants. We provided a tent for shade, informative flyers and signs, as well as popsicles, juice and snacks!

Once the group gathered, we gave an introduction to what the purpose of the day was. We then hit the field and scouted the beet trial, discussed our observations to get a feel for the beets and create a baseline for their appearance and performance. We all then filled out the beet harvest evaluation sheets and gave the varieties a rating on a 1 to 9 scale regarding foliar appearance, leaf height, root appearance and smoothness, diseases and included qualitative notes.

We then did a tasting of the raw beets and presented a cross section of the beets to get a feel for them at the table. We had some good discussion around flavour, what consumers and chefs would look for in a beet. The farmers of Square Root Farm, Chrystal and Ilya picked a favourite golden beet, which is a huge success for the day. We are also developing favourites from the golden beet trial. Sorry can’t disclose which ones, we don’t want to influence others opinions!

Everyone is welcome at project field days. Be in contact if you are interested. The beet goes on!