Carrot Seed Harvest Started

Posted on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 under Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement

It has been a great season for carrot seed production so far and I was happy to start harvesting seed this week. Carrot seed matures over a period of time so I will watch for dry, mature umbels several times a week and harvest them as they are ready.

This week I harvested the first umbels from the outdoor plants. The indoor plants are overall more mature but none are quire yet ready to harvest. There is still a presence of aphids on the umbels and plants. I will consider introduction ladybugs next year to prepare for this. Not yet sure the best way to capture them though!

What has been great is seeing the fly population diminish as the carrot flowering period ends. Timing couldn’t be better!

Here are my latest update videos:

Video 1: Coming to end of flowering period and lowering fly populations:

Video 2: First outdoor seed harvest!

Video 3: Indoor Seed harvest and aphid check in