Using Better Quality Stakes for the 2017 BC Seed Trials

Posted on Friday, 12 May 2017 under BC Seeds

At the farm sites where we trial the vegetable crop varieties, each plot must have a stake to indicate which variety is growing there. We use codes for ease of data collection and to avoid bias towards one variety or another. In the past we have used wooden stakes, which of course get the job done, but they have some drawbacks. The wooden stakes were heavy and bulky which became tiresome and expensive to transport. We also found that the permanent marker pen would erase from the wood over the course of the season, as well as the wood becoming weathered easily, making it even harder to read the variety codes.

We have decided to use better quality stakes this year! These new stakes are plastic, allowing them to stand up to many weather conditions and should provide several seasons of use. They are really pointy on the end, making it easy to place the stakes – no mallet needed! Additionally, the name surface is on a slightly upward facing angle which will facilitate quick and easy data collection without having to bend over too much – this will certainly be appreciated in the height of a busy season or during some intense weather conditions. Furthermore, the stakes are light and compact allowing for easy transportation to farm sites (less expensive), easy to move around on the farm (one person can carry them all easily) and the white colour will stand out in the field more.

The exact specifications for the stakes are; 10″ White Read (#RE10) – E2 Stakes and #6 plastic for recycling when they do reach the end of their lives. For further information on where to buy the stakes please be in touch. Have a great growing season!