2017 Leek Variety Trial Update!

Posted on Monday, 15 May 2017 under BC Seeds

The leek seedlings are looking great! They were seeded in the beginning of March and are ready to be transplanted into the field on Tuesday May 16th! We have 31 varieties of leeks being transplanted, unfortunately one variety had zero germination, but it happens and its a good thing we caught an issue with that seed so early. The vigour of these alliums look great and we are all excited to see them mature in the field.

If we do decide to take these leeks all the way to seed we will do the seed to seed method where they will stay in the ground all winter and grow right to seed. It is not possible to do this method on all biennials in this region since we have so much rainfall in the winter and root crops such as carrots or beets would be subject to rotting – they fair better with the seed to root to seed method where we harvest, store and replant the stecklings to go to seed.