Community Farms Program

We have long been champions of farmers and farmland. From the beginning, we have maintained a steady mission of working collaboratively to ensure our agricultural lands remain in production. We have been responsive and creative, advocating for alternative forms of land ownership like community farms when and where it makes sense to do so. Our strong relationships, efficient organizational systems, and sound management structure has allowed us to enter into complex legal agreements and unique partnerships in pursuit of our mission to protect and support the development of productive farmland.

We collaborate with landowners, farmers, and local communities to develop and support models of farming in BC that conserve farmland and build strong, local food systems. Through the Community Farms Endowment Fund, we have administered hundreds of thousands of dollars to over 10 community farms in BC since 2008 and have developed special relationships with two farms in particular: Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative and Glen Valley Organic Farm Cooperative.

What is a Community Farm?

A community farm is a model of land ownership where farmland is held “in trust” for a community rather than privately owned. In a community farm, a community group or co-operative governs the land-use agreements and a community of farmers shares farming the land. Landholders, land managers, and farmers work together by mutual agreement to use the land for sustainable production. The community farm model offers myriad benefits to local food systems—including helping farmers access affordable land, increasing organic production of local food, and protecting farmland for long-term food production—and is one of the many creative land use solutions that we support.

Lohbrunner Farm

We are long-time supporters of the Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative in Langford, BC. In 2016, we responded to an opportunity to help them continue to farm. We now hold the title to the land and have a long-term lease with the Co-op. We are proud to support a farm and group of growers that continue to provide food and host various on-site educational and community opportunities.

Foodlands Cooperative of BC

The Foodlands Cooperative of BC—which began as a FarmFolk CityFolk project and is now its own organization—encourages private landowners to explore land ownership arrangements that ensure their farmland remains productive into perpetuity.

Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op

We have been a proud supporter and financial backer of Glen Valley Organic Farm in the Lower Mainland since 2009. The farming co-operative currently consists of two businesses—Close to Home Organics and Earth Apple Organic Farm—which both produce certified organic food and run CSA programs that prioritize sustainable agricultural methods and community connections.

A member of the Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op havests produce. Photo by Brian Harris.